Disclaimer and Intentions!

Our facebook group Find Your Food

Has gotten a lot of new people.  There are 3 Admins along with myself who come and go around that page.  One thing I do is watch for people's stories.  The pain, and their success!  The challenges and their ways through!  The connection and conversation that resonates from these voices. 


(and yeah )My team will tell you I'm very very inclusive , and I find it's better to share the road and I know it's better and I want it better...so it's better to SHARE THE STORY, SHARE THE ROAD and invite people to speak up.

"Testimonies" is a place where I will host other's and give them space to share their story.  My inspiration?  Dietdoctor.com of course!  That site has drive 1000's to the blog and at least a 100 to the group.  I'd love to build a welcoming platform right here that could in fact give voice to your journey.

SO, email me if you want to share!  Findyourfood2@gmail.com

Your story and voice have value and ADD value!  Would love to invite you to participate in building value to the LCHF, Keto, Paleo, Primal, Whole30 world....