Disclaimer and Intentions!

Our facebook group Find Your Food

Has gotten a lot of new people.  There are 3 Admins along with myself who come and go around that page.  One thing I do is watch for people's stories.  The pain, and their success!  The challenges and their ways through!  The connection and conversation that resonates from these voices. 


(and yeah )My team will tell you I'm very very inclusive , and I find it's better to share the road and I know it's better and I want it better...so it's better to SHARE THE STORY, SHARE THE ROAD and invite people to speak up.

"Testimonies" is a place where I will host other's and give them space to share their story.  My inspiration?  Dietdoctor.com of course!  That site has drive 1000's to the blog and at least a 100 to the group.  I'd love to build a welcoming platform right here that could in fact give voice to your journey.

SO, email me if you want to share!  Findyourfood2@gmail.com

Your story and voice have value and ADD value!  Would love to invite you to participate in building value to the LCHF, Keto, Paleo, Primal, Whole30 world....


Meet Judi!  Judi and I met at an online diet community.  She has an incredible story.  With the help and guidance of her doctor she has reversed disease and lowered or removed medications.  She's Found her food!  Found her life! and she's living.  Her joy is contagious!  She's joined our Find Your Food facebook page and knows sharing and helping others, helps her too!   So glad to call her friend!

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This is the new me. I have found a way to put the illnesses my body was threatening me with into remission. The path of LCHF (low-carb, high-fat), IF (intermittent fasting), and ZC (zero-carb) has given me results I wish for everyone who wants to stop or reduce the damage of diabetes (type II), high blood pressure, and obesity.


I began my lifestyle change on May 1, 2015 while at a beautiful place called Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. What a time to decide to get my health in order…on a fun weekend!  I always avoided going places because of all the medications and equipment I had to drag with me. Medications for diabetes and high blood pressure. Pills, insulin, and a CPAP machine. I hated it.


At a doctor’s appointment just before the trip, I weighed in at a shaming 303 pounds. I had to change this, but how?! I was following the instructions of the medical advisors. It still was not helping. On medical advice, I kept increasing my insulin, and that resulted in weight gain. I had to stop this vicious cycle!


A friend who had seen some weight loss shared the LCHF plan with me. My librarian self dug into videos, books, and FB groups that gave me information about LCHF and how it was improving people’s lives. I wanted that too.


I am currently into my 51st week of this lifestyle, and almost a year later, I am delighted to report that I have lost 121 pounds! I have a goal of losing 150 pounds, and though I’m not there yet, I am confident I will be before too long. Yes, I am losing half of myself.


If you want to know how I was able to burn off all that fat, it’s not from running around. I’m not big on exercise, but I do use blue resistance bands and a video with gentle stretching movements. I burned the fat by not eating fat-producing foods: sugar, fruit, bread, potatoes, pasta, peas, carrots. Carbohydrate sensitivity means those foods turn into high glucose numbers and the return of diabetes in my body.


I won’t lie…it was difficult at first. I tried to find substitutes, searching the Internet for recipes to fool my taste buds. Eventually, I decided not to bother anymore; I knew sugar addiction was gone because I didn’t care about sweets. Occasionally, the “I’m bored” need to eat something leads me to crunchy pork rinds, Moon Cheese, and string cheese to fill the gap. 


I keep track of calories and macros; as I near my goal, I’ll adjust for maintenance. My calories are between 1000-1200 daily. My macros follow: carb 5%, fat 80%, and protein 15%. I use coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil and real butter (Kerrygold grass fed). I fast on Mondays and sometimes Thursdays and incorporate IF all other days. I usually eat at 2pm. “Eying” meat and cheese can be deceptive, so I almost always weigh them.


My waistline is down lost 24 inches; all of me fits into one leg of my old jeans! 5XL clothes in my closet have been weeded and replaced with XL. More purging to come; even the shirt I have on in the photo is too big. What fun to find great buys on the clearance rack in stores--a new experience. And smaller clothes are less expensive and weigh less. The next time I go on a trip my luggage will be lighter…lol.


The story is not over and the work continues. I am grateful to my dear friend Maura, who introduced me to the lifestyle that made my life better. I am blessed to have family and friends who support my at times unusual WOE (way of eating).


Never going back — choosing to make my life better.