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I’ve tried everything many times, lost 100 lbs and gained it right back. Jess motivates me to not just lose weight with an end in sight but change my life forever. This way of eating has done that beyond what I could have ever imagined. I am better husband, father, employee, and life is at a level I never even thought I could be at. This is not a diet but a better life!
— Jon Day, lost 80 lbs
Jess taught me that by pushing away the foods that controlled me like sugar, I would find freedom. I wear that Freedom really well.
— Salie Johnson, lost 40 lbs
Jess made me believe the “what if” could be a reality. I’m thriving more in my 40’s than I did in my 20’s. Food no longer holds me captive.
— Rhonda Carter, lost 65 lbs
With Jess’ help and guidance I was able to give up the foods that I relied upon for emotional support. Now I live a happier & healthier life and I have control back.
— Sarah Palmer, lost 83 lbs