Dear Leader their struggles are real

Oh dear leader, when they's so hard.

Right now I've got a few people who are in the struggle...I've rolled up my sleeves and gone to some and had others come to me.  It FEELS like everything that can be shaken is shaking!!!

What is a leader to do?

#1 Secure THY self!

Are your feet on solid ground, is your plate secure?  Are you sleeping well?  Are you in relationships that feed you. Can you put aside your own disappointment and BE THERE for them? (We have to continually pray and release our own emotions of disappointment and even anger, after all we've invested so much, HOW DARE THEY?)


When difficult news comes my way carefully put on a neutral facial expression.  I do NOT want to make it worse than it already is.  *Remember someone is being honest and they are very very vulnerable at that moment.  You want this!  You want the door to stay open!  How you handle this will make or break the relationship.

#2 Prepare your Response:Remarks to consider:

"I know you are hurting so much right now".  I say  "THIS" (not you are) is a very disappointing moment.  Thank you so much for being honest, is shows such respect for our relationship.  Give it a moment, let that settle.  They need to feel their pain, but I'm not going to dump mine on them and neither are you. No babying them either.  Just be still.

#3 You must put Clear direction before them...they are lost in this moment!

Ok, I say, "now we need to begin to shift to the positive.  Help them determine "The things YOU CAN DO NOW".  I ask them for 7-10 days of daily reporting back to me or another.  Daily accountability is a forward step.  I ask them their plan of action. They must create as much of it as they can.  NIX something like, "I'll go to the gym 3 times a day to make up for this!!!"'s not normal, so it can't be sustained and soon will be another failure!  They need to learn how to REBUILD THEIR SITUATION AND KEEP MOVING FORWARD!

INVITE THEM TO RISE UP AND GO DO SOMETHING THEY'D BE PROUD OF!  Focus on the positive, on the ability to move on.  Most don't know they HAVE to move on, or they'll just get stuck and eat...for who knows how long.


Anyone who has slipped off LCHF knows that they've blown the honeymoon.  The comeback is rough and never as pretty as the honeymoon.  But hard work and focus and COMMUNITY SUPPORT can see you through.  

Truthfully it's exhausting to make a comeback!  Acknowledge it if it comes up.  Keep pointing them towards staying around others, leaning on leadership, serving the group to keep their focus!