It's all about giving, not getting!

Dear Small group leader!  

Remember back in the day when you came to the meeting to see what you could get.  You'd not yet transitioned into giving.  Maybe you were scared to put it out there?  Maybe you were only able to see your own need and you missed others around you.  Maybe you had not found your own voice that adds value, yet.

We are hosting small group not to get but to give.  We are opening up our stories and our lives, to give from not get.  We're not building a platform we can dance around on, we're making a place for others to rise up and tell their story.

When people either come forth or are called on, as soon as they starts speaking, THE BETTER...Then the collective lift up the meeting.  We want that.  It's a burden to be the one reach out and ask for others to share, and carry the meeting too!

It's a big step towards rehabilitating themselves when they rise up and take on a piece of the moment.  You can see fear, their fear and then you can see their relief and finally you see their victory...then they shine...We want to see the shine!  It makes it brighter for everyone!

Prepare to be upstaged, stepped on by accident and outshined!  I look for it every single meeting.  Inside I'm begging..."Come on, speak to me people, take it off me people...."  Some body?