Real connection?

What really transpires in a small group?  

Real connection.  When you invited people in to your home, real people came!  As you engage with them, you share your story and they share theirs, a bond slowly starts to form.  One of the things we all need is a place to belong!  People who care and a place to find support and understanding.

I've found all of this in the small group format.

It's really good honest people who open their hope, hearts and help up to others and share their journey and walk with others.  

A small groups opens the door to connect which will lead to real growth!  People growing together as they walk out the changes they've made at their plate.  Often right on the heels of growth is opportunity to serve in a group atmosphere!  When people step up to serve I've seen the most amazing transformation in their own rehabilitation.  

Let's face it, people who have been obese and isolated have put parts of themelves up on the shelf.  They've often disqualified themselves and have let life pass them by.  They are people who have lost faith in themselves.  As they reestablish that faith, they are often given a chance to give back to the group and offer their skills, giftings or service.  This has proven to be so transformative.

I follow a model Connect | Grow | Serve | Lead

It all starts with doing real life together and connecting!