Why is my Story so important to tell over and over

Well #1 It's YOUR story.  You lead through your experience.  It's the anecdotal angle.  Anecdotal means "based on your personal account".  Nobody can argue with it either!  They can argue with science, politics and all sorts of details.  But the word of our testimony?  No...Can't be argued with.

Our story is our most non-threatening tool.

#2 That is WHERE people will connect and relate to you from.  People respond not so much to the evidence, as the heart!  Knowing you have failed or struggled with food and shame will make all the difference.  "I can trust them, because they've been there".  

#3 We are dealing with people of shame!  When you are walking around in deep shame over what you have done to yourself, IT IS ALL YOU CAN DO TO GET TO THE MEETING.  Address them personally and they probably will NOT be back.  So you address through your own fears and failures.  It looks like it's all about you, but in actuality you are just simply getting truth out there and NOT ONE ANY ONE PERSON...

I'm a big fan of putting something tough on the table, via my own experiences and leaving it there.  YOU pick it up if it resonates.  Matter a fact, that's how we host!  WE welcome others in, invite them to listen and eat whatever they want from what is offered in a meeting.  Making someone HEAR something,  WILL-NOT-HAPPEN or bring them back!

Another skill I've developed is I don't GO where I've not been given permission!  I will run someone off and I will create an environment that others deem NOT SAFE...I know or sense so much more than I EVER let on.  

I strongly believe this is all by revelation.  When my EYES opened up and I saw my own truth, THAT IS WHAT CHANGED ME....That is not an easy place.  It's like a "coming to your senses" and nobody can do it for you.