Create a Positive Atmosphere

Create a positive Atmosphere?  Yes and ALWAYS!  That comes from your heart.  You have to believe in 2 major things...Your ability to lead with your story and community will carry the weight if they're allowed to rise up and thrive!  

Your own sense of POSITIVE must always be there, even though people will challenge it. 

#1 You the Leader MUST develop our own sense of hope!  That will come from God.  He's the driving force behind your desire to help others.  Return to him over and over to fill your cup!  DO NOT expect the people to be there for you!  YOU are there FOR them!  You lead out of the OVERFLOW.

#2 People are SLOW to get involved and their silence was the hardest part for me to overcome!  Until people engage it's all on you to carry the hope!  But once there is a trickle of diet success, well it's infectious.

The HARDEST thing and I DO MEAN the hardest thing is WHAT to do about DIET FAILURES, SLIPS, and JUMPS OFF THE WAGON?  How do we handle them publically.  It's been the hardest challenge of all.  ALL FAILURE DISAPPOINTS!  

I have a simple rule that nobody knows about and it's this...If you fail and share it, then you have to also share your solution for getting not only back into compliance but restore momentum!  It took me a long time to figure out what I would do and THAT is it.  You can share, but then you have to link up with someone, you have to share a restore balance or ALL HOPE IS LOST...I am insisting on restoring hope with solutions.  Taking a negative and shifting to a positive immediately!

This is where community will rise up and dust off the person and give them another chance.  I actually remain very quiet and allow them to rise instead of rush in and fix it so it doesn't destroy all hope.  If the atmosphere starts to head south, I will step in and re-direct us back to the positive.  My number one statement.  "I want you to go do something you will be PROUD OF and report back to the group!"  People can be encouraged and taught how to redirect to a positive.  ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST!