Give Back To Get




I'm always working the mission God has placed in me, out!  I work it out!


Today started last week when I some how got a copy of the Bishop TD Jakes /Stephen Furtick video.  It's about your talents, your vision, being an Entrepreneur and going for it!  In it there is a statement about "what will you give up, so you can get a hold of"...I was pacing in the church, the big empty room we worship in.  All alone quietly pacing and listening KNOWING full well this was a defining moment on this journey.

Pacing, Pacing, Pacing...listening...when I stopped.  "Give back your Wednesday".  Wednesday is my biggest work day of the week.  Give it back and work FYF...WHAT a scary deal!

It reminds me of when Keith was sensing to leave a company and go out on his own.  Oh how we paced, prayed and fasted. Until we knew.  Or the time we sensed to leave the church we came to plant.  Oh the agony and how we paced, prayed and fasted until we knew...Or when I felt called to go into the schools and sing..and they made a way...that one just happened TO ME and I kept showing up, scared to death!  I paced and prayed in the neighborhood until I WAS SURE...

It took all afternoon but I asked.  It took a few days to rearrange somethings and it's happened.  It starts THIS MORNING.

Yesterday I knew I was starting to feel a sore throat come on.  My head was off.  I was facing today with appointments starting at 7a.  I wrapped up in a blanket and simply whispered...."I just need a sign!  I need a sign to confirm this step"... I went to bed and woke at 5:10...not to an alarm but to a text message...

"I need your help" my teacher friend said.  "I'm being approached to start a group in my school.  It's time I start my LCHF group.  I need your help and I need materials"  I looked at the text.  On the first morning of FInd Your Food's first full day...this is how it starts.

Today at 11:30 a copy of the VERY booklet she needs will be PUT INTO MY HANDS...TODAY that need has already been on it's way to be met...

So, today is here.

"Where there is VISION, there is PROVISION"  TD Jakes