A letter to my daughter

Dear Daughter, Here is another tip..When something RESONATES....like that gal from Freedom House...when SOMEONE resonates with you..FOLLOW that...FOLLOW THAT VOICE!!!  For me at this moment, TD Jakes has illuminated what I NEED TO DO NOW...right this NOW...and He speaks to exactly WHERE God has brought me to. I jump on that..I watch over and over, as I get ready to make the scariest steps I've ever made...I've got a freakin LLC ...that's plain SCARY...I've got a lot of helping hands and REAL followers...REAL PEOPLE following me, serving MY vision...that's scary.  TD Jakes speaks to that place in me, and He also speaks to those coming around me and He could speak to you and the talents and abilities you carry...matter a fact when you are ready to take them seriously HE WILL WATER THAT GROUND....

All your life, GOD is going to PULL YOU OUT and away from your friends...not to leave them but to keep you moving on your path with him.  You will find yourself seeking understanding around you and...you won't HAVE IT...BUT God will send encouragement through messages...He will FEED YOU THROUGH OTHERS...and comfort YOUR VISION through others...GOD brings comfort through others...and messages that nobody else will be saying!

So, yes my daughter I'm totally into "Soar" and TD Jakes words right now, because they are watering the very seed God placed in me...Find Your Food | Find Your Life | Live!

This is what is alive in me...  Jakes comforts it and calls it out all at once!