My creative side...

I'm a creative.  I live creating all day long all the time.  I consider and create thought and share it, by writing and creating Memes.  I create discussion on Facebook Live. I speak from creative thinking...and I paint.  I'm an artist.  


Brene Brown has totally brought understanding to my artmaking.  She says, "Heroics is about putting our life on the line, ordinary courage is about putting our vulnerability on the line" I stumbled upon FEAR very early in my art practice.  In the beginning you go to the studio wherever that is and you JUST SHOW UP...there you face BLANK canvas everywhere and you are at this scary crossroads of making that artistic mark..I was just as BLANK AS MY CANVAS...But felt such a compulsion to paint.  

Stepping over fear and into an unknown flow is really a journey!  I've got years of quietly pursuing art that lies on the other side of my fears.