Where there is struggle...there is trouble!

How much trouble can you get yourself into

and still remain legal on a ketogenic approach?

Oh....well a-lot of trouble...And that's what I need to share with you about.  I need to say it, and show it.  I've never cheated on keto.  I love keto...But I've learned how to almost get my cake and eat it too and it's legal...We're bombarded with videos, and Pintrest pins and blogs on "legal keto treats"...to the point where newbies over indulge and only the wisest of addicts knows "don't go there"...I was deeply relieved when one of my favorite keto cooks told us in a FAQ interview she and her family rarely indulge, because I rarely indulged UNTIL...maintenance.

WHEN IS IT Maintenance?

I deemed it was time for maintenance last Sept.  I came off of a plane and a trip to Boston after a summer of weight loss and training and coaching 12 people in a Sprint Triathlon.  I had my life back and I really went for it...followed immediately by 2 trips out of town...I never leave home!!!

The truth is I came home NUMB and EXHAUSTED....rightfully so.  Close to BURNOUT...that place where I just let it all go.  BUT NOT THIS TIME!  This time I know all too well about burnout...so I went ahead and placed myself in maintenance....Put the scale away and just went about sustaining what I'd learned to do...

Back in March of this year, 2016 I decided to train and run 10 miles.  Running has a way different impact on my hunger than biking does or even swimming for that matter.  So...I began running on the treadmill and eventually reached the 10mile goal...Then I got talked into a half marathon outside....I've been training and eating like crazy...Running all those miles and indulging in LEGAL keto friendly treats after dinner....and gaining a pound here or there, lose it and then gain two pounds here or there...But that' wasn't as troubling as the CRAVINGS that have taken over.

If you are hungry?  If you are craving and fighting with food?  You are not doing keto right.  I'm here to tell you

Where there is a struggle often there is Trouble...

When the scales went up from 145 a weight I'd maintained for a long time, to 150, just being there ONE DAY was way too much....I was struggling and in trouble because I just couldn't seem to give up the treats...til the 30 day TREAT FREE CHALLENGE started and I begrudgingly joined it... 16 days treat free, and FREE FROM ARTIFICIAL SWEETNERS...I'm starting to see the light!

More on that tomorrow...