Small things video

Quiet Saturday morn, reflecting on the video I made yesterday....I knew the minute I finished it that it was going to be a good one...An important message on NOT quitting.  I'd been carrying around that message for some time...allowing it to make it's way to my mind.  I can feel things, but don't always know what...until.  Until I turn on that camera.

Soft box lights, tripod and microphone, and my trusty little iPhone...I press play and sit down.  Then it just comes.   My nature is that of a visionary.  I've got my eye out there on the horizon and I can't let them get tangled up in a committee meeting.  That's the beauty of all of this stuff...I reclaimed my art lights, got a mini mic, and cleaned up the Art studio...Reclaiming this space for that moment in time...

 I might have a note or two, but it all comes together when I open my mouth.  I've always been this way.  I do plan, prepare and present, but I don't...I often sense, feel and know on another level...and then press play. No committee meeting-just press play!  I've been known to wash out my hair, but on a shirt, and go for it half dressed!  I've been known to go through something 3 or 4 times and then trash it...Some times I can add to confusion, which as a leader I do NOT want to do.  If it hits the trash on my phone, I turn off the lights, camera and leave it.  No re-shaping, editing, or re-writes.  I trust it will come later.

I don't edit, I can barely upload...If more were required it would interrupt the flow.  If I were a perfectionist, I'd have to edit.  I would have to find a way to add music and crop.  But I'm visionary, and getting the message out HOWEVER it comes, and hitting upload are my only goals.  



(It's take years to accept this and make no apologies for it)

So, I've been carrying around a concern, a heavy weight, a sense...and it all came together in the statement, DON'T MAKE A SMALL THING BIG.  That's really what leads to impatience, discouragement, second guessing and QUITTING....

For those of us who have found our life, our health, a proper weight it's UNTHINKABLE that others would be playing around with our precious new lifestyle...For those of us who finally have gotten food back under control, by removing the CONTROLLING FOODS...It's really disrespectful to even consider something off plan.  For those of us giving this not only  "A GO" but our full compliance...It's just beyond us why anyone would only give it 2 weeks.  

For some it's a DIET, for others a GIFT.

It's a gift to have found this food.  Found my life again and have the COURAGE to live it abundantly.  It's a gift...and that has led to an understanding of a calling.  A call to help others to give HOPE and HELP.  To Envision | Encourage | Equip


So my heart says: "Above all don't quit"...Say what you will about fats, and butter, and carbs and balance....say what you will...But don't quit.  Keep seeking.  Keep working.  Guard your heart against the scale, expectations and compliance issues.  Do NOT quit...It's quitting on yourself... Those words come tumbling out of a deep soul that has healed.  If you are going to quit anything...let it be SUGARS and PROCESSED FOODS and foods that make you sick...(you know all our favorites!)

Here's the video if you missed it...