A Season of Grace

There really is no other way to describe or define what happened to me other than I entered a SEASON OF GRACE...that place where "dieting" clicks.  You get going, get traction and settle in.  For those of us who have a lot of weight to lose, it's really about settling in.

I am often asked "how'd you do it"...I just did it.  I got up and stepped up and it just happened.  I stayed the course because I wasn't walking alone I had a diet partner.  Maybe it was just a moment in time where the universe was on my side.  I don't know because I believe in God not the universe. 

This much I do know, when I was able to get this diet off the ground for 2 weeks I knew I had a gift and needed to HANG ON TO IT...  

I feel like I walked into a SEASON OF GRACE and since I see it like that- I TREAT IT LIKE THAT and...it's extended that season.