May 18th One of THOSE days!'s like a journal entry....Boy I'm glad I'm 59 day, because it's ONE of THOSE days!  At my age I can handle a day like today!  I've learned my lessons, and taken NOTES!  I'm down.  It feels like it's all too much.  Somethings will just never happen!  Other things have happened too fast! There are more "no's " than "yes's"...What am I doing?  

As I say to my 24 yr old daughter, "oh honey those are just feelings.  If you best friend called you and made you laugh and said "let's do lunch"  You'd be transformed!  New feelings would replace the bad ones!  It's just feelings.

I use to eat over feelings...trying to cheer myself up. But there is nothing cheerful about being stuffed!  I know that NOW that I don't over eat.

I use to eat sweets to feel better...trying to cheer myself up!  But there is nothing cheerful about the sugar crash that feels like walking in sand up to my waist all afternoon!  I know THAT now!  I don't eat sugar.

I made a choice to NOT EAT over feelings any more.  So I guess I will just have to set these feelings aside and move on.  They'll shift and change later anyway.  By tonight, I'll probably have long forgotten how I'm feeling now.  I continue to just press on.  Regardless of how I feel I will eat right today.  Regardless of how I feel I will make smart choices all day!  I'm not on a diet.  I'm living a better life!