Thurs 5/12

2 days ago it was my 18 month anniv. on a LCHF diet.  So much has changed in 18 months.  I no longer diet at all. I live on a ketogenic plan.  I ask myself, "Am I where I wanted to be at this point?"  I'm actually much farther along with so much opportunity that it's crazy!

When I put out the Facebook post, "I am looking to mentor 3 people in 2016"...I had no idea what all would happen.  Within 5 mins I had my first person responding.  50 more followed over the course of a week to consider.  Then I took another brave step, I decided to accept Diet clients.  I coach people locally and in different parts of the US and Canada.  I've held meetings, I've spoken to groups, I've sat in front of a video camera pour out my heart and vision. I've built a team of women to help carry this.  I've taken steps and submitted my story places.  I've slowly begun to reach out to the leaders and successful people in the LCHF community.  I'm running with a vision, carrying HOPE and HELP.

What in the world happened to me?

I changed my food.  I lost weight.  I came to accept this food works for me.  I found my food.  I've truly gone from surviving to thriving.  Empty to full of vision.  I dusted off my giftings of Envisioning | Encouraging | Equipping and am running with those.  

So this morning...I sit with coffee and...

I listen to my heart.  I feel the pull of my spirit to help others.  I dance with possibilities.  I write down dreams.  I wait for timing...and sip coffee

I found my food, it's changed my life.  I am living again and carrying HOPE and a willingness to HELP.