Midweek thoughts...

It's the middle of the week and I am tired.

While some are away on vacation I'm here pulling double shifts.

In the midst of long days at a quiet gym I've been able to train for my 10mi-athon

I've been able to walk around and consider new plans on the horizon

and gather vision.

One of the things I seem to be able to do is REDUCE...

Take something complicated and once I see it clearly, REDUCE it to simple terms.

When that clicks I get so excited!

When I "heard" "Find your Food"...It followed the other thing I heard, "Mentor and give it away"...

Mentor?  How?  Who?  "For how long?"  My heart started to race as I rushed across the surface of that idea...Questions everywhere!

Then it all cleared...because only ONE thing changed: FOOD




When everything is hard, when I get tired, when I have no time, can't catch up, feel pressured, can't breathe, am exhausted...I go back to those words and resettle myself.  I no longer just go eat in that state of mind.  I sit with my words and regroup.

I found my food, I am living and thriving, not surviving and I want to share that and help others.