Sunday morning muse

It's a quiet Sunday morning and I'm pondering my own diet performance.  There is a way of eating that leads to weight loss, there is finding your food and enjoying the ability to maintain weight loss and there is going forward from there.  It's the "going forward" that is the real challenge.

Weight loss as restrictive as it is had a lot of focus, work and rewards within it.  Maintenance doesn't really have those bells and whistles and it can be MORE than boring!  

What do you do when bored with this whole facet of life? I mean we still have to eat...Do we cheat?

Well I have found my food behaviors actually slipped back into my life.  I found them grazing, craving and over eating all over again, all in the context of "legal foods"...Foods that are my food now....Grazing, Craving and Overeating... That famous  Trio of Trouble...

I've removed sugars and starches and that has removed that trio for the most part, but what brought them back into operation?  Over eating protein.  My diet is specific and my macros are even more specific...Too much protein impacts blood sugar which brings out insulin, which turns on the carb addiction cycle all over again...

So I've been dealing with that this week.  On a ketogenic diet you remove problematic foods and adjust your fats, carbs and proteins.  As your body responds you dial those macros right in.  Removing problem foods is the fist step, getting portions controlled is the 2nd.  The 3rd step?  Live!