Thank You Dietdoctor!

This has been the biggest week in 2016 for me.  My success story

Was posted last Sunday.  I got text in the middle of church, "What did you say?"

Me? Say something that would get people to join our Facebook Group posted my story....5000 hits on the blog later...I'm ready for a little R&R.  It's been such a great boost...Attention really makes me pull up and ask questions.  

Am I doing the right thing here?

Am I in the right place?

What do I want to achieve here?

Is everything lining up with 

My Vision

My Passion

My Direction?

And of course, I'm quietly making sure all this craziness doesn't make me EAT out of stress or excitement...Neither celebrating nor freaking out is gonna make me eat!

This is how it "really is" in my thinking and stance!