YOU and Me

What drives me?  Besides HOT coffee and GOOD music?  


Your food issues, Your obesity, Your pain and suffering


I'm just like you

All of 2015 I went about the quiet work of losing weight and dealing with my food issues.  Cutting myself off from sugars and starches Thing 1 and Thing 2 as I fondly call them due to the havoc they wrecked in my life!

Yep just like you...I wanted out of the places I'd eaten myself into.  You know I say something all the time that's a bit brutal..."Fat people Don't Think, they EAT!"...That was me, ANYTHING but think about what I was doing to myself.  I was so ashamed and I ate to comfort that shame and COVER that shame.

Today is a new day in my life.  What changed?  The food I eat!


 I'm not only living but going pretty bold with Find your Food.  Reaching out to and wanting to share my story because I saw my friend do it.  Reaching out and making friends with Jeni Calihan at

Going for it with a Facebook Group, a Mentor Group and taking on clients. (And if you knew me, you'd know something BIG has gotten ahold of me!  I'm pretty cool with going home and staying there.)  I did it for...

For YOU and Me! is only going to get better and stronger.  Drawing people with inspiring stories and offering HOPE.  I know what has been deposited with in and I intend on carrying that very carefully.  

For YOU and Me!

Because YOU matter!  Because even though you've screwed up your life and your health and are hurting so much, YOU STILL MATTER!

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