Those little promises

Some of you know I sing and teach character education in public schools.  I'm near the end of that career, but it's still happening!  One of the biggest things I do is take a BIG topic and reduce it to kindergartner terms....You know if you can speak to a kindergartner, EVERYONE will get it.

What builds CONFIDENCE....?  Keeping those little bitty promises and statements you make TO YOURSELF...They build you up or take you down...You know what I mean.

The older I've gotten the more I am aware of it.  What have I said I'd do?  Have I done it?  Well there is definitely a voice inside that's gonna tell you!  "Yep YOU sure did" or "way to go loser, no YOU didn't!"... Then we sigh and murmur, "Loser" to ourselves...Some of us are so impacted by this that we start APOLOGIZING before we've even begun..."Ok, I'll try...But I'm already telling you I won't make it"... Or on the spot out of embarrassment we'll agree knowing full well we won't!

It really takes away from our confidence when we make choices to please instead of keep our selves a bit more intact.

A GOOD diet will lead to GOOD health

Good FOOD choices will lead to the rebuilding of self-trust and confidence and give you a smile that will rock those cute shoes, or sparkly bracelets.  Confidence makes your smiles reach your eyes!

Our confidence impacts so many things in our lives.

Keep the small little itty bitty promises...You'll feel better about you and we'll see it in your smile!