Look! I'm really trying to change here

This is where I share...my heart, soul and life.  I seek a bit of transparency here. This is where I dare to share... I want you to know me a little bit.  I'm like a lot of you: a person who has problems with food, and obesity. Yea I've got a BIG VISION to help others but it's because I had BIG TROUBLES WITH FOOD...

In 2015 I not only changed my life, but I think I've come to terms and acceptance with the fact I've got food addictions.  Certain foods I cannot control, and I've given myself over to them time and time again and wasted so much of my life...living to eat and drink...It's heart-breaking if you look back at what time I've wasted, but I don't look back I use what's back there to move forward...

I would bet you I get asked more than a couple times a week, in my community, "So really?  Really you don't eat sugar anymore?"  I sigh...I squeak out..."No"...but inside I'm saying, "Look I'm really trying to change here!  I'm trying to make better choices for myself and live healthier and for me that means "No to sugars and starches"...and you know what?

It fits. Saying no to sugars and starches, fits.  It clicks and I can handle that. Today. You might not be able to handle what I'm doing, but really all that matters is that I can.  Because I'm really trying to change here!

I really want to feel good

I really want to live and help others

I know that requires real change not a diet quickie!