The Perfect Client?

Over a cup of coffee, I watch a marketing video at DesignPickle. It's a quiet Sunday morning and I've "unplugged" from everything.  I get run down and I need a moment away.  Little did I know...

I'm sipping coffee listening to this guy and his guidance, "Who are you?"  "What do you offer?"  I can easily answer those questions.  I've spent a good bit of time on them, thinking, writing, and talking them out.  I can slip into selling them in a blink of the eye.  Knowing WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU CARRY and WHERE YOU ARE CALLED....are gifts God gave me...So I know them and hold them close.

Then the guy on the video asks this question that stopped me..."WHO is your perfect client?"  What an great question.  I jumped up from my desk, I started pacing around the room and I started naming qualities.  "If I could have anyone for a client...what would I want?"  Is this you?

#1 READY TO GO!  I'm looking to work with people ready to go!  Are you ready to Find Your food?  I'm looking for the people who want to GO and want to be LED, now.  Not after you think about it, not after you get through next month's reunion.  NOW. Because it's a lifestyle we're building.

#2 READY TO PAY! Paying shows value!  You'd pay a doctor.  You'd pay a seamstress.  You'd pay a landscaper.  I'm looking for those who are willing to pay for my Time, my Energy, my Experience and my Confidence in Finding your food.  Because it's a lifestyle we're building.

#3 READY TO COMPLY Compliance is critical.  Neither of us has time to fight about this, wrestle over things,  I'm not bringing my energy to the table to arm wrestle but to lead.  I want to lead you and have you say, "yes!  I'll do it"...I want to give you experience and then explain why the experience, resonated, worked, felt good.  Once your eyes are open and there's revelation, then I bring the understanding.  I need compliance to take you down the road and then teach you.  Because it's a lifestyle we're building.

It's interesting as I've thought about the "Perfect Client", the qualities that I need in place to work with you.  I feel like a whole new door of understanding opened up to me.  All of my clients are the perfect client!  They are all people willing to Go, Pay, Comply.  Together we're really Finding Your Food.