What you can expect here

Working on moving the blog!  It's hard work but I've got the best designer for me!  Soon you will see all the hard work our collaboration has made.  Meet my daughter, Caitlin.

One of the most challenging things is to take a vision and turn it into a mission. Explaining in detail "A Look and an Experience" I want you to have has been a real work...But I think we're getting it.

I want things to look Clean, Clear, and Crisp.  I will not bog this site down with adds, popups or offers and there will be NO subscription "landing page"...If you want to get a hold of me, you can. It bothers me that I have to give that information out before I even know if I like a webpage/blog.  I don't and I won't do that to you.

 With a mission there is a target.  YOU are my target, and your time and attention are limited.  I'm headed in a direction targeting You.  Some of you will just come here read, be inspired and it will be all that you need.  Others will seek community and we've got that over at Facebook. Others of you will seek me out at C3Fitness. Others will seek to become clients.  The best way to reach me is by email findyourfood2@gmail.com.  

When it comes to Finding your food, I'm here for YOU.  But YOU must make the first step.  YOU reach out and I will reach back.  So many of you I will never meet.  YOU are a friend of a friend or a person who is just curious.  Others of you will become clients and we will walk together.