"I feel called"

"I feel CALLED"

My friend said as we drove down the road...I felt it too.  I know that I know it.  I "feel called" too.  I get it, it's different and the same.  People who struggle with obesity and diabetes have moved into my heart.  Over the course of this last year, the year I said, "YES to OTHERS!"... has transformed me.  It's no longer about me....and my diet, it's about loving and supporting others back to health. It's envisioning, encouraging and equipping others.  "Yes, I feel called to that"...

I feel the call, day and night.  I see the people who will be knitted into this...

There will be "Yes Groups" in churches, in schools, and people will run them, people who have found a freedom and a lifestyle that allows them to RISE UP AND SAY YES!

One LARGE door has opened, but soon small groups will form...Pioneers are gathering even now.  Pioneers...who have already said YES and their worlds have expanded.

Yesterday a wonderful woman came to the gym, seeking my help.  She said YES!  Daily others come by and drop off applications for a program, "She Said Yes!"  Last night a woman contacted me via PM and said, "Ok, I'm saying YES!"

It's starting to trickle out and about...

I'm rising up, and calling out and taking women with me!

Here we go.