Last night was another breakthrough!  We did Fb live and started out book club using Karen Thomson's book, "Sugar Free".  12 people came and connected with the topics and each other.  12 people CONNECTED!!!  That right there...people connecting with each other.  People helping each other.  

Early on in my LCHF days I was part of a thriving group, and I asked if there was anything I could do to help out around there.  There were so many and I had ideas.  I sent them along, ideas that is...and offered to help implement any of them if she was interested.  NO response.  NONE...To this day she's the only admin.  To this day it all revolves around her...I think she missed one valuable, empowering others, giving them a place for their voice, their stories, they hands that can help others...I think she missed it.  

I know the value of being in community as well as serving the vision of a community.  I've done this for 30 years. I can follow a visionary and I can lead with vision.  


Community, providing a place of support and coaching for your weight loss journey.  Empowering others to rise up and find their hands, heart and voice to help establish that community.  Everyone matters, every voice counts!  

Walking TOGETHER will change outcomes!


This moved into my life on Monday morning.  The rest of the day became all about this.  Just like small groups moved in and I seek to build community.  I invite others to participate in community and grow community.  A place of retreat has moved into me.

Taking content from information to revelation is a work that I'm constantly watching for.  How does something go from content and informative to YOURS and deeply personal?  The journey is highly valuable and respected.  I try with all my might to give people time and space to process and then listen for that revelation.  When people get it, things click into place.  

People want to be free from the effects of today's foods.  Some want to desperately reverse disease.  Others want to be free from addictive controlling food cycles.  Some just plain want to feel good again.  

When we retreat, and give something time and focus, (ourselves)...Often revelation occurs.  If we are in a community that is safe and supporting, we can help that revelation take root...

ONE DAY AWAY is coming and it will BE THAT PLACE...