Let's talk Fat! #1 Rule

The #1 Fat Rule....

You can't have both and lose weight.

That's my story...it's what I found out about me. I'm not a Registered Dietician, Doctor, Nutritionist or licensed.  I'm just telling you my story...

Take away the butter and it's a low Fat diet.  

Take away the bread and it's a High Fat diet.

KEEP em both in and YOU GET FAT!

A little backstory:  Bread and butter were my "go to" foods of comfort back when I hit puberty. I was a "latchkey kid" and there was always these big unsupervised loaves of italian bread...and margarine.  I'd go through 2 big pieces head out to play and return in short order, "hungry for MORE"....always hungry-in-the-head for more!  I went through a lot of bread and butter.  Can you relate?

Today, I put butter in my coffee on occasion.  I put butter on my veggies and I put butter on my meat.

Having said that...it's been over 17 mos since I last ate bread, rice, pasta, or sugar.  It's the bread or the butter NOT both...

KEEP IN MIND...High Fat, Low Carb, HFLC or a ketogenic diet are 2 approached, there is NO ONE WAY..Your metabolic health is a huge factor.  How you process sugars and starches, being overweight and or obese, dealing with Metabolic syndrome, Type2 Diabetes or Insulin resistance also matter....Then there is the whole "addiction" issue that often goes hand in hand with sugars and processed foods...

I found my Food

My foods are Healthy Fats, good Proteins and Green Carbs!

I thrive when I eat this way.  Food becomes quiet and I have boundless energy.

For Fat being so bad, it's been so good to me these last 17 months

This is just my story