Finding your Fit?

It’s tricky! Getting involved with people who feel hopeless with their food behaviors, their weight and maybe even the onset of metabolic diseases. I’m no doctor. nurse or even dietician but I am one who has suffered in the obesity nightmare! So I share this from that light.

Coming out of Obesity, putting my life back together and helping others do the same is what I’m doing here.

Back to the tricky part. YOU! Getting you more involved with you and your own journey. In obesity we “check out” and look through ourselves in the mirror, we turn our attention away when we cross the “diet-lline” and break ranks with the rules and foods on our plan. We fall back 3 steps or more. We’re ashamed of this, and somehow isolate that shame by re-directing our attention to more food.

There are so many facets to “Putting A Life Back Together” and coming back from obesity and in this blog I would like to mention one of them.

Growth! Small steps of change that challenge us and yet, not too much! Growing one of the facets to weight loss and living. Maybe it’s counting calories to see what you are taking in? Maybe it’s planning meals BEFORE you eat. Maybe it’s walking at lunch 3 days a week. All very real and worthy challenges!!!

Repeated actions lead to AWARENESS, especially if you start paying attention to what’s going on! AWARENESS can lead to UNDERSTANDING (of yourself). That understanding is powerful! You can use it to set yourself up for success. (Keep in mind, we all set out to either find an excuse or success.)

With UNDERSTANDING you can FIND YOUR FIT with the actions you have taken. This is GOLD!

Over these last 3 years I have Found my food, my fit, my routines, and my non negotiables I’ve been able to slowly and carefully put my messed up life back together. If I can do this and do it consistently, I can help you do it too!