When...when you've gone too far!

I'm kinda proud of drinking coffee black. Hard but I like I can do hard. 

It started with a 10 day challenge of removing sweeteners. I challenged my local small group.

I got NO takers til one of them cut the challenge in half and agreed to try.

It’s day 3 and we’ve come too far to quit now. 3 days of drinking black coffee on a 5-day-challenge!

But it’s like I’ve stepped back into the quiet again. Food is Quiet. I’m not hungry all day long! I’m at peace. Hunger is starting to come to rest.

Sweeteners keep us WANTING.

I'm coming to rest with no need. Usually it takes multiple days before the struggle ends. I have already come-too-far-to-Quit!!!

When you’ve come to far to quit!

When you’ve seen too much!

When the truth is too clear!

When you can’t UN-see-it

When it catches your attention that you are FEELING better? That food is QUIET? When you can’t remember if you ate lunch??? Then you’ve come far enough into the “better places of sugar-free lifestyle.”