This is my last diet...ever

It's amazing to know you have FOUND your food!

I mean, I have found a freedom that is difficult to express!  I've struggled with so much and that struggle has finally come to rest, when I am at the plate.  Watching others step into this place because I had the courage to rise up and tell my story has transformed my life!  Enjoy this blog.  May it raise your sense of hope!

It hit me like a ton of bricks, I've done my last diet ever!  I was a chronic dieter.  I was either up or down with my weight all my life!  This "last time" I was up 85lbs and so full of shame I was always hiding and pulling the covers of isolation over my life!


I went on a diet that removed sugars and starches.  Weight started coming off, and food got very quiet.  One day I turned around I was simply NOT THE SAME person!  I kept asking, "what is going on here?"

Finally I saw it!  It was like God peeled back the layers and I saw that when I removed controlling foods I got my control back!

My big revelation was, certain foods were too controlling in my life!  They provoked abandoned irrational out-of-control eating!  They popped up the minute I declared "I'm on a diet!"

I think diets have taken a HARD hit like they're the problem...THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM...the problem is the CONTROLLING FOODS!  Remove those and you'll find a diet is quite manageable!!!

My diet turned into a way of eating that is sustainable to me.  My shift to clean, whole foods led me to control, feeling so much better and now I'm stronger for life!  Not only has my life totally changed, but now I help others change too!  It's given me a wonderful purpose to go on with!

Find Your Food! | Find Your Life | Live! Helping you EAT clean | FEEL better | BE stronger for life!

I'm Jess and I tell this story every where I am invited.  I write blogs, guest-blogs, and speak.  I lead an amazing team of women who have found the same freedom!

There is HOPE and there is HELP.  I know, I carry it!  I'm 61 yrs old, and God has blessed me!

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