Someone asked me...

Well actually I get asked OFTEN, "What do you do all day?"

I work in a gym, but it's not JUST a gym it's a gym I've been with since the day they opened their doors.  It's home!  I'm an Asst. Mgr, Fitness Director, Personal Trainer and Spin Instructor.  I do a little bit of everything.  Find Your Food is my early morning Enterprise!  I'm out the door mid morning til dinner time at the gym for these last 9 yrs.


I've realized all my fitness dreams at C3 Fitness in a Northern suburb of Atlanta!  This past year I co-authored C3 Nutrition.  An 8 week course that helps clear up diet confusion, isolation and teaches you all the aspects that make most any diet work!  We provide what the diet books don't!  Community and Coaching.

Not surprisingly I'm also involved in keeping our vision out front and helping establish a culture around that. Finding words that reflect who we are and sharing them honestly and in a genuine manner has been my job!  We are a small but unique facility that cares for our members.  Having a genuine experience that's honest and helpful from the time you walk in until you leave is very much what we do.  Gyms have a horrible reputation for trapping members in the fine print, ours makes it easy to come and go, so you will return.  Our church next door built this award winning gym, so transparency and honesty go a long way towards building trust with our members.  As one member put it, "It's not commercial here, it's personal".  Yep!

Interestingly enough it's this job that taught me how to text!  How to do a million things on my phone, how to create a social media presence and how to communicate on many platforms.  

So as you can see I've taken the core of what I do there and I bring it here.  I have the same heart here, communicating hope and help.  I work constantly on bringing content to social media that reflects that heart and yet comes through my personality!

There are no words to express how this job has prepared and molded me for the days I walk in now.  C3 Fitness is home!  I work there a little less now so I can build Find Your Food but it's home!  The people, their stories, the staff and our stories are woven into all I do now. 

Recently I had some professional photos taken for the website and it was suggested we go to the gym.  At first I didn't get it, but now I do.  Home!