Are you afraid of dieting?

Remember the moment of your last big defeat?  Bet it was during a diet!  Most people who consistently FAIL at dieting, have quiet the reaction to the next one!  Well, it doesn't have to be that way.  Here's what we do at Find your Food!

We utilize a way of eating that removes the bullies that crush you on a diet.  We removed sugars and starches.  Something amazing begins to happen when you remove problematic foods, your problems slowly become manageable and then...controllable.  Soon you are resolving your problem with food, with good whole foods that you will enjoy.  Hunger goes and Energy returns!

Using a ketogenic approach is a game changer for so many!  Not only that but we feel so good on this "diet" that we have gone on and made it a way of life!

I don't diet any more.  I live!  I love my foods, and have remained compliant for over 3 years.  I can eat out, eat with others and enjoy myself with food again!  

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