Involvement adds value~YOU add value!

"I thought I had to wait until __________"

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About 6 months into my keto journey I was very active on a facebook keto page and I stuck my neck out and asked if I could help do anything around the "joint".  The site was active and I posted daily and I loved responding and helping others.  So I took a risk and reached out to the Admin, of which there was only one.  I gathered my guts and said "I'd love to help!"  This admin and I had just been talking about a situation on the page and the LINE WENT COLD.  No response.  

I must not be "ready" or maybe I just don't qualify after all I really had "let myself go" and I was pretty ashamed about that.  "Maybe one day I'll be good enough to help others" was running through my mind.  I was not devastated, but it did confirm a fear of mine, " I'M NOT ENOUGH"...

I often think about what a shot in the arm it would have been to help that leader.  I think about how the very act of adding value to a group opens the door to adding a positive back into my own life.  

At Find Your Food it's 

Find Your Food | Find Your Life | Live!

I'm just as interested in helping you find your food as I am helping you find YOUR life and living. We are doing all we are doing for THAT!  Helping you get back to life! I believe without purpose we go back to the food.

Finding life is a scary challenge, I mean... after all we've left ours somewhere, for the pizza!  We've aborted our goals and dreams because we've got no energy to pursue them, and we're distracted by food and our confidence is shot because we have NO self control.  

When people find Keto and give it their all a few things happen within a week.  Energy rises up and foods become quiet.  There is shock and awe.  But after a short season of amazingness you start to see things slow down again and old temptations begin to flirt with you. THIS IS WHERE COMMUNITY SHINES!!!  You keep coming around the community options I've put out there, be it "hey we're grabbing coffee come along" to "Hey could you help me set the room up for the group and share a little bit of your journey?"

Something happens when you get involved, it helps put You back together!  We are broken people who are going to heal together, while sharing the opportunities of community.

As I sit over coffee this Sunday morning reflecting on the backbone of all that I do...reaching out and asking you to link arms and add value is one of the best things.  Seeing YOUR value and nurturing it til You can is an Honor...