Quick! Quick! Quick Weight Loss!

Quick Weight Loss?

That's a train-wreck waiting to happen!


Have you ever lost weight FAST?

How'd that go?  Still keeping it off?


(Because you didn't really change)


The most brilliant lesson I ever grasped was TAKING MY TIME with a diet, especially when I had a diet that I liked, like lowcarb/keto.  The longer it took, the more I had to change to sustain the diet.  The more I had to comply with change, the more I got use to BEING changed.  I could KEEP-THE-CHANGE!

Most of us need to re-train our THINKING and our BEHAVIORS where food is concerned, and we KNOW that takes some time!  

Most us need time to metabolically HEAL....and we know our bodies are in control of that!

Ever been sick?  Had surgery?  An injury?  There is NO hurrying through the healing process.  Our bodies are in charge of healing, and they do take their sweet time.

Consider your diet a HEALING PROCESS...

You'll slow down and make better choices.

And remember a "stall" is just a PAUSE.  So pause and ask yourself, "why am I in such a hurry?" (Cuz you're only cooperating to get the weight off, not keep it off...they are different)