How to win at dieting!

So yea, I want to lose 5lbs.  I'm still a bit over weight.  My Body fat % is still unhealthy.  I've been maintaining my weight for 8 months and now I'd like to attempt to drop 5lbs or so. But....and there's a big BUT...

But...I've got a history full of failures to launch (a diet)!

For those of us who diet, OBVIOUSLY we've not done it right or we would have lost the weight and kept it off right?  I've certainly done this wrong far more often than done it right and even if I got the weight loss right, I got the Maintenance wrong!  Luckily I've embraced my failures and learned from them...

3 Things I've learned as I dust off the memory of failure and hold on to a season of success!

#1 What to do?


Get sugars and starches OUT. They control so many of us, and if you are overweight and or obese, I feel confident these are lurking in your life!  Go Low carb! Try these websites for more information and diets. 6 diet options

#2 How to do it?


Read, Plan and Execute for 30 days. Set it up right and run it right! No cheats! Join our Facebook support group

#3 Expectations!


Do NOT expect the moon.  Keep your expectations low and patience high!

Here is what I did... I stopped eating sugar, bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes.  Within a week, I was no longer physically controlled by them.  I found food got quiet.  I worked on my mind's hunger, but my body was quiet.  Energy started to rise and I was very encouraged.  I took a "wait and see" approach on my expectations.  I continued to feel good and I lost 7 lbs over the course of the next few weeks.  I enjoyed steak, butter, fresh veggies, bacon, eggs and cheese!

Then it hit me!  I liked these foods and I felt so much better off the sugars and starches.  I'd found foods that AGREED with my body and my tastes.  Why would I throw that awareness away?

I didn't it's been 18 mos....Now i want to lose 5lbs.  Lucky for me, I know exactly what to do.