Amazing News

I'm not sure where to begin?  Find your Food is still in the early stages.  All our clients are linking arms with this pioneering concept of Find Your Food...Find your life, Live!  People's lives are changing.

Yesterday afternoon I received word that my friend and client reversed her diabetes.  She was asked to start the new year on Whole30 to remove problematic foods.  She and her husband are starting their 4th go round.  Their lives?  Dramatically changed.  Here is her story click on her link.

"Amazing News!" Michelle's story


When will you take that step that both Michelle and I have taken.  That very scary step in faith for a new day, a brighter future.  A step to getting in shape to carry out the God-work in our lives with energy and passion.  The step towards BRIGHTNESS instead of living in DIMNESS.


When?  When will you decide it's time to take back life.

When will you decide to stop handing it over to the foods.

When will you decide to eat food that makes you feel good

and brings you back to life.

Find Your Food...Find Your Life...Live


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