I use to wake up tired!

I did!

Then I'd eat a high carb breakfast, and be even more tired. I did!

I use to be too tired to exercise!  I was, I'd eat to get some energy. Never seemed to work, because I'd get tired from too much of a high carb meal.

I use to crawl home from a long day and be so tired!  Too tired to go out and work in the yard.  I'd eat a big casserole dinner, with loads of carbs for energy...But I always over indulged and went right into a coma. I did!

What changed?

WHAT I ate changed! But more importantly HOW MUCH I ate changed!

The high carb foods I was eating were food I typically over-INDULGED in.  Foods that I loved so much, I simply passed over that moment when you've had enough and headed right into that moment of uncomfortable fullness!  But it was all so yummy!

I don't eat that much any more.  I don't eat foods I can't control any more and my low carb ketogenic way of eating has given me so much energy!  It's crazy!!!  I'm healthy, happy and busy!

So?  Hows it going for YOU?