I want to get started! What do I do?

The blog, the Facebook page, Tweets and Posts all stir people up and someone is always saying, "I'm so inspired I want to do this too!"  "Jess what do I do now?"  The other thing I hear most often is, "I'm keto now"...  Ya'll inspire me.  It took me so long to get into and organized with keto!  I've had to work so hard to get a diet, any diet to stick...Ya'll inspire me!

What did I look for as I prepared to step into another diet?  

#1 Something I could sustain

Without a doubt I needed a way of eating I could ENJOY as well as COMPLY with.  I needed something SIMPLE to understand and execute.  I also needed foods I ENJOYED to eat.  Because I was going to have to REMOVE everything I loved....Food was more than food it was my comfort, my BFF, my lover and my bandaid...So there'd better be something ON THIS DIET I like...and can enjoy...

#2 Clear Structure and Rules

"Just tell me what to do"...I hear it all the time. Well I needed that too and it needed to be simple.  I also needed to know WHY these foods worked and WHAT to expect.  I didn't need over indulgent recipes that took strange ingredients and hours to prepare.  I needed clear and simple food lists.

#3 Community

I needed to be around others on this path too. I needed websites with information and Forums that provided friendship and examples.  I also really needed my own diet buddy.  Going it alone doesn't work for me, I cheat on myself within a day or two.  I needed to be around others who could hold me accountable.  



Under the Whole Food Banner are so many variations of diets.  It can be so confusing.  It can be overwhelming in fact.  So I'd like to give you a few suggestions.  

#1 You have to get the sugar OUT!  It's totally counterproductive to keep the most controlling SUBSTANCE within reach and ask you to "limit it"...I say REMOVE IT...and then as hard as this will sound REMOVE what turns to sugar in your body.

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