Power:Who has it?

Back when my daughter was in middle school we talked about the power and pull of foods.  I chuckle now as I remember telling her "Who has the POWER?  You or the cookie?"

There is nothing easy about being powerless where food is concerned. It's the most painful place to feel powerless over your choices when it comes to Sugars and Starches.

In the last 17 months I've been re-establishing the power in my own life.  

I was POWERLESS over foods and they wreaking havoc

Now, I've removed those very Powerful-foods: Sugars and Starches

and I've restored the power for my own choices again.

Breaking my Sugar-invested life and establishing a Ketogenic lifestyle has set me free.  In a ketogenic state I'm NOT hungry, burn fat for fuel and have boundless energy.  It's taken a lot of STUDY and COMMITMENT...and it's worked for me.  

I have the power over food again.

Some days that is easy and others I have to exert that will power...to stay keto, but it's all worth it.

I enjoy my food and my life.

I've got the power again, not the cookies!

But to be honest, I had to GIVE UP THE COOKIE FOR GOOD!

That's the truth, there are no cookies, cakes, bread, pasta, rice or sweets in my home or in my life.  I've burned the bridge on those foods.  I've said goodbye.  And not just UNTIL I reach my goal weight, I've been there sin Sept'15.  Good bye for good!  One day at a time.