Follow Through it matters!

I was writing to a young lady...

You know what gives us confidence?  (here's an adult secret)...the FOLLOW THROUGH.  When we say, "today I'll..." we set ourselves in motion and if we fail to follow through it takes a bit of our self-confidence with it.  Our confidence comes from that place of keeping small promises...


It took me years to understand the impact my weak resolve had on my confidence.

When we agree to the "ONE bite", the "just this ONCE", or "okay it can't hurt" we hand over our willpower, our momentum and our confidence goes right along with it. Especially if we've declared to ourselves we're dieting.

Where is confidence formed?  In our actions!

This is that thin layer of confident resolve that lays deep within.  Our self-trust, and often our self-esteem are woven into this very place within.  Our follow through dramatically impacts our self of confidence and the development there of.

I think of all the times I declared a diet at the crack of dawn only to be thrown off my game by a "just a bite" sweet treat mid-morning and then followed by a "ok why not" great lunch and then "I'll start tomorrow" dinner...

I think of all the heartache that goes along with these decisions, quickly trying to eat as much "good stuff" as I can in before I try again tomorrow.  Between the heartache and the stomach ache I'm usually hurting mess by the time I crawl into bed.  I know you know EXACTLY what I'm saying here.

The saddest part of this was...this was my life!  I WAS LIVING THAT WAY!

It really all starts with your decisions.  

If you are starting to day...COMPLETE TODAY!  Follow through

If you are changing something today...CHANGE IT and Follow through

If you are going to sit down read and plot out a course DO IT TODAY and follow through.

Hope is built ONE promise you make to yourself at a time!