It's Not Hopeless!

Lately when I come here I've got the concept of "orbiting round and round" on my mind.  The relentless going around again.  Trapped in diet-mode that might eek out a few pounds of weight loss before we go back into the foods we desperately miss.

"Why'd I do that!"  "Why'd I think I TOO could diet like her and lose weight and keep it off!"  "I know better than to diet it, diets don't work! It's hopeless!"

No it's not!

Hard, Yes it's very hard, every single day!

But it's not hopeless!

When we are deeply embedded in our food we are held captive and we know it.  Everything is hard because the foods we eat have robbed us of our "get up and go".  Most of us are snowed with a very high carbohydrate diet that is not only controlling but keeps us crashed.


But...NOT Hopeless

It's the sugars and the starches that are robbing you.  It's a cycle that has trapped you in deeper with food than you want to be.

If I could press any ONE point it will be this one.  There is a reason why it's so defeating and hopeless.  Sugars and Starches are addictive and controlling and limit your energy and strength to break free of them.  Once the light bulb turns on and you SEE this...You can begin to move away from them.  So take a GOOD LOOK...

You know, Fat people don't think, they eat. We don't want to think about any of this, just give us our prized foods and stop rocking the boat!  Some one will read this blog and quickly get upset by it, they will feel anger that I've said it, and fear that I'm right and some will rush right out and get something to eat to calm down...I know I did it too.  You are USING food.

Going back to and doing the same ol, same ol diet won't help either. Rushing to the gym to prove me wrong won't work either!  You'll be right back into your foods in short order.  But it's NOT hopeless!

Find your Food is all about HOPE and breaking free from dieting round and round, and seeking out whole foods that are NOT problematic.  Shifting from carbs to fats and removing controlling sugars and starches has changed EVERYTHING.  Joining our Facebook page right here for support.  Need more help?  Contact Me here

It's not hopeless!  I'm living proof that it can be done!  I'm working with a lot of people who are doing it.  They've broken free of the diet cycles, the carb cycles and the control of sugars.  They are learning to eat new food and they are learning to live without the sugars and starches.  You can too...It's NOT hopeless.

When you get around success, you get around HOPE!  I invite you closer!