Breaking Free of the Diet Orbit!

ON a diet?  Another go round?  

Seems you've been here before?  Me too

Round we go again


on the diet merry-go-round, but it's never "merry"'s restrictive and hard and BORING. Round and Round and Round we go...til we JUST quit, or give in to the pounding temptations.  Tired of fighting food another day.  Hopelessness begins to weigh us down, all OVER again.

I know this place, you do too. I'm not in a diet orbit, I'm not orbiting around and around and around food...

Time to break free and GO SOMEWHERE!

As I look back over my success there are a few things I did differently.  Things that actually broke me out of a diet orbit!  I'd like to share them.

#1 Time

I was obese, I intellectually knew I couldn't lose all the weight I needed to lose in a short period of time.  It wasn't realistic or honest.  I needed to be real and honest first and foremost!  I gave it a year and immediately I was out of orbit HEADING into the future...

#2 Altitude/Attitude

Since I gave it a year, I realized my attitude would make or break me.  I quit looking for short term rewards and starting thinking about where I wanted to be a year from now.  I took pressure off the diet to deliver unrealistically and since I was going to be doing this for a year, I decided to just settle down and into things.  The diet would take care of itself.

#3 Developed a vision of who I wanted to be in a year.

If all you can think and say is THIN...there is work to be done.  Do you want to be a THIN unhappy bored person like you are now?

Do you want to be a THIN couch potato?

Do you want to be a LONELY THIN person?

Do you want to be a THIN 30, 40, or 50something?

What ELSE do you want to be besides THIN???

I wanted to be ACTIVE and THRIVING


You are either orbiting food and it's your whole world or you are orbiting on a diet and most likely going nowhere. Both lead to the same old, same old...

But what if there is more than this?