That ol mentality

One of the things we all run into all the time is that old "diet mentality"...We rush to the newest diet, dig to the food pages and then just jump in.  We might not understand why were doing it, but it doesn't matter we're just trying to lose weight! And lose it NOW!

Guilty! I've done it and I see it with friends, clients and people in the gym all the time.  They RUSH to the latest and greatest diet.  They order the book from Dr. Oz, Oprah, Ellen...where ever they saw it, they rush to it and buy! Skipping right to the food list and "what to do" section.   I think we're all a little guilty of that.  

One of the main objectives of Find Your Food will be to FIND IT and KEEP TO IT.  Allowing the diet to transition into your life and lifestyle.  We make very little room for this transition.  Giving a way of eating a chance to become a way of eating is something we rush right past. It's one of our biggest problems.  "I'll do this NOW to get that"...But only for a little while!   We have a Diet-Mentality not a Lifestyle-Mentality.  

A Diet-Mentality is a short term way of thinking....and doesn't give us range to go the distance!  Going the distance is critical.  Establishing a better way of eating and relating to food will set you free to becoming a happier healthier person.  Feeling better comes from eating better.  

Somewhere down deep inside you hope that's true!