What if?

It was an amazing moment...

The first time I told a group about Find Your Food

That moment of sharing my vision with a group I would keep close to me for the next year.

People broken by foods and foodie behaviors

Men and Women who'd lost their edge and some of their life!

What if?

What if ...We took food from being the problem, to the solution?

I watched their eyes expand and widen as their minds raced to get around that thought...

What?  Find my what?

and then I asked them..."What if?"

What if?

What if you could get free from




Aching joints?



What if all of these "issues" were in fact symptoms of eating foods that agreed with your MIND but not your BODY?

What if..

What if changing your foods actually changed your life?

I know that's what happened to me...




What if?