Where did Find Your Food come from?

Where did "find your food" come from?


Something happened on a mountain.  I climbed it 4 years back, desperately trying to hold on to being active while I was back into foods that I craved, ate, craved again, over again and again and gaining weight headed towards an 80lb gain as a matter of fact..."the food cycle"...I did climb that mountain, my knees, ankles and hips hurt before, during and after...I had to eat on the way up and on the way down, and on the way home...after all, I'd "worked out" right, I deserved it right?  Oh so wrong!

After FINDING MY FOOD and getting "inflammation foods/processed foods...Sugar, Bread, Pasta, Rice, Potatoes OUT with an Elimination diet (more on that in a few blogs)....I started to lose weight and feel better. Eventually after sustaining a low carbohydrate diet I lost 80lbs, and my energy, vitality, and activity came back to me.

Something happened on that mountain!



Went up that same mountain with a friend recently.  But now we were in different places and one of us had faith we could and the other one was a bit scared.  We did it, we climbed slow, took our time, overcame by crawling over rock obstacles (and we make no apologies for crawling) and we arrived at the top. Standing at this beautiful vista my friend...  She whispered to herself, "I never thought I'd be here again".

THAT CHANGED MY LIFE and gave me direction...In a moment of her weakness and fear, I found my strength and gifting of encouraging and helping others.  Each of us quietly came down that mountain with something to really examine in our hearts and life.

What happened.  How was it I could climb that mountain again?  

Gee, I'd really  only found my food.  I mean simply, I was eating food that agreed with me, that I could control and that I enjoyed and I'd eliminated problematic foods.  (See above the dreaded list) Dieting, for better word, became easy!   Finding my food has led me to finding my life again, and now I live out of that revelation...

I've gone back up the mountain, recently just to sit there and ponder the direction of helping others Find Your Food...

What if?

What if you could fine your food and change your weight, your energy levels, your confidence all over again.  What if you could know that you know what works for you?

Find your food