Serve with Purpose

George Bernard Shaw wrote: " This is the true joy of life, BEING USED UP FOR PURPOSE"  He goes on to say that we then see ourselves as a force of Nature instead and I paraphrase, "a selfish little clot whining".

Being Used up for Purpose and Being a force of nature...I found those words grab hold of me.  So far out of 4 chapters of the Purpose Drive Life, those two points resonate with me.

I feel the purpose God has given me with Find Your Food as well as "She said Yes!" is a force of nature placed within me.  It ignites every day...and it's made ma a force of nature!

I have such a passion for people to get their freedom from food!  I especially see God's people getting free so that they can again pick up their gifts and callings and SERVE with PURPOSE!

Sometimes things are all happening and it's not that I lose my purpose I just get slightly disconnected as my focus is elsewhere...The best thing is when I have these moments of clarity...Like right now.  My Passionate purpose is to help people get out of Problematic foods and get back their energy and life and purpose...

One thing for sure...GOD placed this purpose within my heart and life.  He little by little would ask me, "what about my women of faith?"  "what about their food?" ...Over and over I heard him.  At first I didn't know what in the world I would say.  But then I got the words, "She said Yes"...Yes to life, Yes to health and Yes to her future.!

So now, I simply issue an Invitation.  I invite you to say Yes!!!