What I know

What I know is simple:

Find Your Food | Find Your Life | Live!

Upon hearing those words: Immediately I was changed, I became the willing carrier of the message.  I was transformed instantly by these words.  They were God's words, and God would take it from here.  He'd open doors.  He's make a way where there wasn't any.  He'd bring the people and He'd set them free.

Because what happened next confirmed everything.  I picked 8 people to mentor.  They came and I poured out my heart on a hunch of faith!  I explained that I started out on a diet, I picked a low carb diet because it works for me.  I went back to what worked, and came to the realization that diet had changed, it had made some modifications and changed for the better.  I lost over 80lbs and became active again.  Energy and Confidence were back!  I went from below-average living to above-average living.  

What happened?  What really happened here?  It was the food, I changed the food and it changed my life!

I changed my food, it changed my life.  God moved in with a call and gave me direction.  I carry a vision of reaching others with the words...

"What if?"

"What if there were foods your body did better on?"

"What if we took food from the problem to the solution?"

"What if you get lose weight, and return to the God-given confidence you need to walk in?"

"What if?"

If you are stirred and God has led you here.  Contact me via email Findyourfood2@gmail.com