She said Yes!

Over the last 2 weeks...

3 women have said Yes!

3 women have come to the table...

3 different women of purpose

with 3 different roles

All of them called by God for his plans and purposes, each stepping up to the FYF table.

They said yes!

Yes to the Vision of Find Your Food!

Last night, I spent the evening with a woman of God, called by God and ready to deal with her food.

3 days ago I sat with a woman of God, and asked her to our table.  To believe again, to step up again and bring what nobody could BRING to the table...Equipping

Last week I was on a phone call where I invited a woman of God into a friendship, Keto-sisters.

A sisterhood...

All of them are or have dealt with food and their desire for Health and Freedom...

This vision for the women of GOD to take back their lives, health and calling has been weighing on me...

Women of God!  Take back your Life! Your Health! and your Calling!!!  I want to scream it...I want to be relieved of it's weight on my heart...I want to see it happen...It follows me around like a puppy...It pulls on me deeply.  

Women of God!  It's time to rise up and TAKE BACK YOUR GROUND!  

I've been lamenting about this for months as my running buddy and I negotiate training for a half marathon at the crack of dawn.  I've poured this out of my heart over and over.  She knows it all to well.  But now, 3 women have said YES! 

A door was opened and now the trickle begins...A whisper rises up in me.

Women of God Take back Your Health, Your life! Your Calling!!!

Take back your marriage!  Take back your giftings! Take back that friendship!