Jess Dudley, Founder of Find Your Food

Hi I'm Jess!  I'm the Founder of Find Your Food.  I've struggled with weight gain and loss all my life.  I know how hard it is to lose weight and I know how hard it is to really change so that I can keep the weight off!

I've been obese, depressed and lost all hope for myself.  I know shame and isolation.  I get it!

By removing controlling foods I've been able to restore self control and stay consistent on a diet.  I lost over 85lbs and have gone from barely surviving to thriving.   At goal weight I started a soul-search on what to do now?  You see without purpose we will all go back to the food.  I heard, "help others" and then I heard "Find Your Food".  So I help others find their food and support the diet and weight loss journey with a heart to help you find purpose again.  We do that in community.  Online, on Facebook, and locally.

There is HOPE and there is HELP!  We are here for you.  Contact me