The Find Your Food Team

The Find Your Food Team

Jess Dudley & Team

At Find Your Food there is a team of girlfriends who have changed their food and now they want to help me help You!  

I know I'm the face and vision behind FYF but it is this amazing team of women who share their talents and strength that make Find Your Food work!  

My heart has been to build a platform that others can come and get involved with.  Nobody can do what you do quite like you.!  Once you've removed those controlling foods and gotten your control back your confidence soars!  It's at that point that you look around for ways to get involved!  Involvement has kept us all moving forward!

 Together we write content, host small groups and gather for retreats!  Together we dream and plan ways to support your journey with weight loss.  Together we continue to walk out our weight loss!