Jess Dudley

Wife, Mom, Personal Trainer, Artist, Encourager

Envision | Encourage | Equip

I'm all about having a vision, encouraging and equipping others.  It's something I do naturally.  I've not always been like this, at seasons in life I've been wrapped up and trapped in food, disconnected from vision and purpose, surviving not thriving.  Caught up in the carb-addiction cycle living for my next meal just like an addict.  I'd grown useless, depressed, withdrawn and obese.  It's a hopeless cycle and I think you know.  Now 80lbs down I am thriving, living an active life with vision and purpose.

 What changed?  

The food!

 The way of eating I used to lose weight, not only gave me weight loss, but energy, confidence and peace with foods.  When I stopped and looked down at my plate food had gone from being the problem, to the solution.  I'd Found My Food.  That revelation is what this site is all about, sharing the journey, the pain, and the hope. In a Nutshell I offer HOPE and HELP!  My blog is my journey, and it's where I pour my heart and soul out.  My services of coaching and consulting draw you closer to that HOPE and HELP.  It all became clear when I climbed that mountain with a friend who didn't think she could.  Now she is a client and we're climbing the weight loss mountain and Finding Your Food mountain together.